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They say what I do so much better then me! 

Testimonials: Client Testimonials


Within half an hour of trying on
a number of different items, Alicia said: 'that’s it I found your style'. And true to her word she had. It was like that Gok Wan TV moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and cry. I felt so daft but it felt amazing!


I now have a totally revamped wardrobe, most of which I already owned and wasn’t making use of. I wish I had booked this experience years ago, it would have saved me time and money. This session wasn’t about fashion it was about finding the best version of me – I highly recommend the “Alicia effect” to everyone.


My confidence and self-esteem are boosted and my faith in myself restored, it was like a therapy session. It has been revelatory and rewarding, in terms of my happiness and also I’m sure it will save
me money as I feel confident in what suits and how to 'work' with my issues!


Whilst all these things are external, there really has been a huge internal shift in the way that I look at myself and the way that I feel. Increased confidence for sure but also a sense of individuality that Alicia makes sure she tunes into and brings out in you. She has taken time to get to know the inside me and then together we have worked with the items I already have to pull together styles that are truly me. I cannot wait to build on this further in session 3!

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