Fee: £750

  • No limit to the links I will send you throughout the season

  • I research through the season, finding those must have items for you

  • Links will be sent with detail of how you can wear these items and how to style them with your existing clothes

After a wardrobe consultation, whether virtual or one to one, and once we have identified your style and what is missing from your current wardrobe, the next stage is to find those perfect items to maximise what you already have. This is when you realise how many clothes you don't need! You just need the right ones. 

This will save you so much money and time in the long run. Think back to how much money you have spent on clothes that you never felt great in or didn't know how to wear them. This is not about volume but the time and knowledge it takes to get that perfect piece that you are going to enjoy wearing for years to come.