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Getting Organised

Fee 2 hours £250 ( extra time charged at £75 per hour)
coathangers etc., an extra charge                     

This is perfect if you have no time and, "You can't see the wood from the trees. "You are staring at your wardrobe and wearing the same few items. Your shoes and boots need organising and your jewelry boxes are full of jewelry you haven't worn for years. The more you have, the less you wear!


Getting organised, de-cluttering is a fantastic feeling. Knowing what you have, will save you much money and time.

Take care of your clothes, accessories, etc.. not only will they look new every time you wear them, but they will also feel new.

Getting dressed will be a pleasure. 

You might decide to get organsied before we start the style session. Knowing what you have, deciding what needs to go, and discovering clothes you forgot you have is a great feeling. Clients say they feel cleansed, refreshed, energised and free. However, many clients decide they want to start their journey of style first, which then leads to them wanting to get organised so they enjoy their clothes more.

At a style session, I cover and show you how to get organised and give you wardrobe maintenance tips, but this day is about you and your style. But I guarantee It will motivate you to get organised as you will start to see the benefits, but you may not have the time; that's when I come in and do it for you.

I can bring coat hangers and storage boxes if you need them; everything will be thought about and planned before my visit. Most of all, you will feel in control. You will know where everything is and wear all of your clothes, not just a tiny proportion. 

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