Fee: £500 per month (minimum 6 months)

  • 6 x 2 hour virtual sessions

  • Online research and shopping throughout the season

  • Whatsapp photos documenting and explaining the outfits we create

  • Whatsapp the client with feedback wanted on garments they have found

  • Seasonal style book featuring all your new looks

This is when we work together throughout the season, helping you to make the most out of your wardrobe sessions. You can feel confident  knowing what you need to look and feel amazing is covered by me. No more hours trawling the internet trying to find clothes you like, or wasting money on clothes you buy but just never feel great in or even wear.  

First of all we start by planning the season ahead, looking at what you already have, how we are going to reinvent your style to capture the new seasons trends and make fashion work for you. We will identify what is missing to maximise your clothes to create fabulous new looks. I will then carry out an online shop throughout the season,  finding those must have items. 

This is not about the volume of clothes but the right clothes that will make a difference to you and your wardrobe, each link I send I will explain how to wear it. If you see any items you like, you can also whatsapp them to me for my comments, we can decide if they are a keeper or send back. 

The last few virtual wardrobe consultations I would recommend take place once you have started to receive new items, so we can capture your new looks using what you have bought with what you already have. 

After every wardrobe consultation, I will send you the photos via whatsapp so you have immediate reminder of these outfits. Once the majority of outfits are completed, you will receive your style book featuring all of your new looks for the season. This will become your go to reference when deciding what to wear.