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Growing up, I loved fashion and style; when I was 19, I opened my first designer store in Sheffield—working with high-end brands like Prada and Dolce & Gabanna. Alicia Kite was one of the first stores to stock Moschino! Alicia Kite became one of the most sought-after designer shops, and within 13 years, I had five stores across the Midlands. I fell in love with helping women feel fabulous in what they wore.

After my personal circumstances changed, I closed my UK stores and opened up a second-hand designer shop called 'Begin Again.' We took on unwanted designer clothes and revamped them into wardrobe staples for new customers.

This store showed me that people would often throw clothes out too readily when they needed to be shown how to reinvent these beautiful garments to create new outfits for themselves. 

Sustainability wasn't a word back then, and second-hand clothes shops, now known as "pre-loved,"  weren't seen in the same way as they are today. But even back then, I wanted these clothes to be valued. 

I was frustrated by the lack of money people were getting for their beautiful clothes, leading me to start my styling business. Showing women how to re-invent what they already have and helping women gain style confidence through what they wear and saving them money.


As the demand for my personal styling service increased, so did my frustration with how the image industry, pigeon-holed people into colour types and personality slots.

So I launched the Alicia Kite Academy 20 years ago, where I have trained other like-minded people to start their own image consultancy businesses. 

My entrepreneurial skill hasn't stopped there!

The psychology of what we wear and how it affects our confidence led me to launch my own shape-wear brand.

There is no question that some compression wear, makes your body feel firmer and slimmer, but is it comfortable, and does it make you feel good when you see yourself in it? 

In my experience of helping hundreds of women, I would say no! 

I designed a garment that makes your body feel firmer, comfortable, breathable, smooths, and stylish. The minute you put it on, you feel good; no dashing to the bathroom if someone walks in.

In fact, this is a shape-wear garment you want to show off.

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About Me: About


I will help you look and feel good, have a wardrobe full of clothes you love, and much more. This is about your personal development. 


Using my vast experience in the image and fashion business, from having five retail fashion stores to losing everything and having to rebuild, and re-invent myself. Then bouncing back to building a successful image consultancy business, inventing and getting a patent for a shapewear garment, and building a new brand, you could say


“I have been there, done that, and got the T shirt’” 

It's these experiences, both past and present; I use to help others to be the best version of themselves,


Looking and feeling your best enormously affects your confidence and impact.


I have been helping people achieve powerful personal branding, high credibility, and positive impact for over 35 years. I work with people who are determined to feel good about how they show up in the world and understand the consequences and opportunities of personal branding and impact. 

To women who have lost their style mojo due to change, a new baby, menopause, getting divorced, illness, or whatever life changes happen. The clothes we wear greatly impact the visual messages we give ourselves. You wear something you feel good in, and watch your mood change. Never underestimate the power the clothes we have, have on us! 


The Kite Mark method for creating palpable confidence and credibility; clients who work with me have huge success in both their personal and professional lives, creating relationships and careers that align with their sense of self and ambitions. 

An expert in personal branding combined with Barefoot Coaching, A postgraduate certified business coaching, I provide an integrated approach enabling you to strengthen and adapt who you are.

About Me: About Me
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