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Grow Your Vision

My fee is £75 an hour or £300 for six virtual sessions

Book a half an hour-free chat to find out if I am the right coach for you 


Since training with the renowned Barefoot Coaching, a postgraduate coaching course combined with my 35 years plus of self-employment and entrepreneurial-ship, my knowledge has become invaluable to people looking for or going through change.

With over 35 years of experience in the image and fashion business, from having five retail fashion stores in the ’80s and early 90’s to losing everything and having to rebuild, and re-invent myself, bouncing back to build a successful consultancy business, to inventing and getting a patent for a shapewear garment and building a new brand, you could say

 “I have been there and got the T shirt’”

It’s these experiences, both past and present I use to help others. Whether that’s the best version of themselves, through visual coaching, be a mentor and coach to help plan, build, and stay resilient in business.


In my experience working with a good coach, having someone to ask you the right questions can help you come up with life changing answers.


The obvious is never the obvious before coaching


It starts with a conversation to find out if I am the right person for you. Honesty and trust are two words I have built my reputation on


I then recommend 6 sessions of 90 minute sessions to maximise on your investment in you.

Quick fixers or makeover don’t work, this is about wanting change and managing those changes to make them become the norm. 


I guarantee my challenging, yet kind and honest sessions will make a difference to your life. There is no fluffy stuff in my approach it didn’t work for me and I find it doesn’t work for my clients. They want someone to be direct but not directive, you are the only person that can make things happen, but I can be by your side with encouragement and accountability if that’s what you need. 

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