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Fee:  £750 ( mileage over 30 miles is chargeable)

  • 10.30-4.00

  • This is the perfect opportunity for me to help personally with your style

  • Get your style Mo Jo back

  • Learn how to make the most of who you are right now

  • Creating new outfits from what you have. Don't panic; I guarantee you will fall in love with your clothes all over again

  • Highlight what is missing from your wardrobe to maximize your style.

  • Teach you how to update your look using accessories

  • Find the best solutions or organise your clothes, plus tips are wardrobe maintenance, so your clothes look like new each time you wear them 

  • Checking the fit of your clothes as this has a significant impact on your overall style

  • Great confidence boost that will energise you inside and out

  • Photos taken of each outfit

  • Whatsapp photos for reference

  • Personal Photo 'Style Bible' book created for you ( This is an extra cost of £250 if required) 


A day of personal styling will help you gain confidence with your style, maximising the clothes you already have. Your wardrobe needs to work for your body shape, reflect your personality, and work for your lifestyle. We will create your look, so you can make fashion work for you.

As we work together through your clothes, I will create new outfits, identifying what is missing from your wardrobe so all of your clothes work for you and you know how to wear them. If I know where to find the missing items, I will send you the links there and then.

However, if more time is needed to research those perfect items, this will be charged as an online personal shop.


All of the outfits I create will be captured in a photograph; these photos become your reference for knowing what to wear, depending on what you are doing. I will WhatsApp the photos with brief notes so you can enjoy your new looks.

If you would prefer more of a physical "Stylebook"   featuring all the outfits, this can be arranged for an extra cost of £250., so many of my clients love this; it becomes your 'Style Bible' for the future. We will start to get you organised and learn top tips on looking after your clothes so they look and feel like new every time you wear them.

This is a significant confidence boost and will energise you to feel good inside and out. You will always know what to wear, no matter what you are doing, or where you are going.

All you have to do is get ready for those compliments!

One to One Personal Wardrobe Consultation: Service
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