Fee: £250

  • We arrange a convenient time to do a video call. This would normally take place in your bedroom or dressing room (I need to be able to see all of you when you stand back)

  • You will need a full length mirror so you can see yourself

  • You need a phone of camera so you can capture your new outfits

This is perfect if you spend hours staring at your clothes thinking: I don't like anything, I have lost my style and shopping doesn't seem to be helping either. Or you just want some inspiration to make what you have work for you. Or you have been going through some changes and want a 'New You'. Whatever the reason I guarantee this will have you looking and feeling good, inside and out.

We use the clothes you already have and together we discover clothes that make you look amazing, feel confident and will energise you to love yourself and your clothes once more. You will photograph the outfits as we create them, this will become a great reference point to knowing what to wear.