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"When I initially heard about the concept of visual auditing, I have to admit that, whilst I could see how others would benefit, I really didn't think that it was something that I needed personally. Being completely honest; I thought I already had pretty good style, knew who I was, what I looked good in and how to accessorise. But (and it's a big but!) I had my second visual audit session with Alicia today and wow, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

I have learned so much from this process, it really does come under the personal development umbrella. It goes way beyond the obvious, in fact everything I have learned has been quite the opposite, as things are only obvious once you have been made aware of them! Small things that make a huge difference such as the length and thickness of your jewellery or the
way that certain necklines look good with your hair done one way but not another.

Whilst all these things are external, there really has been a huge internal shift in the way that I look at myself and the way that I feel. Increased confidence for sure but also a sense of individuality that Alicia makes sure she tunes into and brings out in you. She has taken time to get to know the inside me and then together we have worked with the items I already have to pull together styles that are truly me. I cannot wait to build on this further in session 3!"


Kerry: Testimonial
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