Fee: £1250 per month (Minimum of 6 months)

  • 2 x one to one wardrobe consultations

  • 6 x 2 hour virtual wardrobe consultations

  • 1 x personal shop

  • Online shopping throughout the season

  • Whatsapp photos to capture all your outfits as well as feedback on garments found by client

  • Virtual help with event and diary planning outfits

  • 'Style Bible' book capturing your seasonal outfits

This is where it is like having your own personal stylist in your wardrobe. It's all in the planning to ensure you look and equally important, feel, good all the time. Helping to plan how you want to look and come across, for that all important meeting or occasion.

This is the creme de la creme of style service. This is perfect for a busy women who wants to look and feel great but has no time for herself, let alone her family. I will sort your clothes so you have everything you need so you can enjoy your, professional and family life. Knowing what you need to look and feel amazing every day is covered by me. No more hours trawling the internet trying to find clothes you like, or wasting money on clothes you buy but just never feel great in or even wear. 

This includes 2 one to one wardrobe consultations. The first to get organised and start to plan for the season ahead and the second to create fabulous new looks with new and existing clothes. 

6 x 2 hour virtual consultations. This is a great way to continue to work through your wardrobe, creating more outfits and plan your style. 

A personal shop based in London, where we can try new styles, brands and colours together.

So you don't miss out on that perfect, must have item, I will continue to research for you via online personal shopping. If you see something you like but are not sure if you need it or how to wear it, simply drop me a whatsapp image and let me help you make the right decisions. 

You will receive whatsapp images capturing your new outfits as the season goes on and of course you will receive your 'Style Bible' book that will become your reference for years to come. 

I do all the research and planning, so you can relax knowing your style is covered, a celebratory experience but in the real world just for you.