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This day is too important to feel Ok

Sometimes, you have got to get what you are wearing just right!


The wedding

From the bride to the bridesmaids, the mothers to the whole immediate family, I can help. Sometimes this can help to take any politics away from what the bride wants compared to others, how you want your photos to look, the colour palette of your wedding etc.


Or maybe you need that special outfit for a big birthday or special holiday?

Whatever the occasion there is no compromise. The outfit or outfits are going to affect the whole occasion, how confident you feel, how good you feel, the photos that last for years and how you feel when you see those photos!


The chances are you have already planned the occasion, the date, the venue and what sort of occasion you want, and I guarantee what you want to wear has also started to be on your mind. The nightmare of “where do I find this outfit” or “what will the weather be”? Thinking about the footwear, the colour, how you are visualising how you want to look and feel.

Let’s face it normally when you get an invitation to a do, your first thought probably will be what will I wear, but this is your do, your occasion, you are the star.

This is when I come in, I literally take all that worry off you.

I can get involved as much or little to suit you, from finding the outfit, to seeing you in it, to helping you get dressed on the day.


But I guarantee it will have been planned.

If you think this is just what you need, let’s set up a FaceTime meeting free for a hour to find out what you need.


My fee starts from £500 this is based on up to six links, and you can then WhatsApp me the outfits for my comments.

If you need me to be more involved, once I know what you need, a fee will be confirmed.


What I will say, after the event one thing that will have a lasting impact on you are those photos and how you felt.


Never underestimate how your clothes make you feel.


We have this!


Email to arrange your free chat.

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