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I help women be the best version of themselves. To become strong, being themselves.

We are more conscious of our spending in today's economic climate. We can't afford to waste money on clothes that will never be worn or don’t suit us.

Our clothes reveal so much about ourselves: our personality, age, and status.  


A carefully selected wardrobe (can speak volumes) can be your initial introduction before you even say a word! I can help you create, re-invent, and streamline your style to reflect your individuality.


With over 35 years of experience in the fashion and image industry, I have helped thousands of women gain confidence through what they wear. 

This is not a "one size fits all" approach to styling. This is about you; I get to know you, your personality, your lifestyle, and (what you want your clothes to say about you.) the image you want to portray.

I am NOT going to…

  • Do a colour analysis.

  • Tell you your “set” body type.

  • Bin liner all your clothes.

  •  Just take you designer shopping.

  • Laugh at your scruffy TV joggers ( we all have a pair tucked away!)


I AM going to …

...guarantee you will fall in love with yourself, and your wardrobe and wish you’d seen me sooner…an hour into the consultation!

All my clients say, "It's life-changing- their only regret ??  "Why didn't I discover Alicia years ago?”

STOP shopping, STOP wasting money, and STOP feeling rubbish about how you look….. 

Let's get started on the New You, the best version of you,

Let your style journey begin!

"My approach to styling and helping someone with their image, embracing YOU It's tapping into someone’s individuality and helping them to reflect this through what they wear."

Alicia Kite


Sycamore Lodge, East Midlands, 
NG12 3AH

0115 933 2933

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